Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sorsogon Bishop describes the real “Kasanggayahan” as purity of heart, oneness of church and state

SORSOGON CITY, October 15 (PIA) – Kasanggayahan Festival 2012 unwrapped ceremoniously at the Capitol Park on Monday to celebrate the 118th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of Sorsogon. In attendance were Local Government Unit (LGU) front-runners, national government agencies, provincial as well as local executives and respective personnel in a sequence of formal procedures led by the Honorable Governor Raul R. Lee.

At the onset, a well-attended concelebrated Holy Eucharist was steered by Most Reverend Arturo M. Bastes. In his homily, the bishop gave emphasis on the meaning of Kasanggayahan which he said should not solely relate to material prosperity. “Kasanggayahan is not merely progress in material sense,” he said in his sermon, “but, progress in love for God and the neighbour, in the purity of heart, in the erasure of corruption, in all honesty, and dutiful morality.”

“That is pure Kasanggayahan,” he added.

Bishop Bastes also stated that the church and the state should be together for one common purpose, which is for the progress of each one.

Kasanggayahan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) organizer Monsignor Francisco P. Monje went over this in his own message by saying that the bishop is calling everyone to preserve the unity between state and church leaders. “Especially in promoting Kasanggayahan here on earth and Kasanggayahan in the next life,” he said.

This year’s Kasanggayahan Festival revolves around the theme “Sorsogon Paunlarin, Agrikultura’t Industriya Pasiglahin“(Sorsogon Pauswagon, Agrikultura Nan Industriya Pakusugon) which brings significance to the role of the local agricultural industry.

The festival has departed from the usual fanfare and concentrated on the effective advancement of the province’s inner treasure, culture, industry, agriculture and its people.

Further in his welcome message, the KFI organizer said that those who were involved in the planning of this year’s Kasanggayahan Festival, spearheaded by no less than the good Governor who presided at several meetings, and former governor Sally Ante Lee, in coordination with the KFI, were consistently in agreement with one another that all activities and programmes must highlight Sorsogon’s agricultural and industrial potentials. And with national, provincial and local agencies cooperating, the Department of Agriculture took the forefront. All exhibits, cultural shows, activities therefore will depict Sorsogon’s rich natural resources from which if properly engage, all constituents will profit.

“We firmly believe that Sorsogon is a rich province because of its natural resources,” he said. He continued by saying that tourists and guests who come to Sorsogon are so impressed by its greenery and are attracted by its hospitable people. “Indeed, we have all reasons to be proud that we are Sorsoganons and we have all the reasons to rejoice because we live in a place that is called Sorsogon,” Msgr. Monje said. (VAELabalan, PIO/BAR, PIA Sorsogon).

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