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Support ‘One-Town, One-Product Advocacy, says Sorsogon Prov’l. Administrator

Prov'l Admin Robert Rodrigueza, with KFI Founding President,
Msgr Francisco P. Monje and Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee
SORSOGON CITY, Aug 2 – Provincial Administrator Robert Lee Rodrigueza urged Kasanggayahan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) in its continuing preparations for the annual Kasanggayahan Festival this year to uphold the “one-town, one-product” advocacy.

This was articulated by Administrator Rodrigueza in one of the Kasanggayahan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) meeting along with concerned stakeholders as they brainstorm in preparation for the 119th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of Sorsogon this year.

Last year’s Kasanggayahan Festival celebration was themed “Sorsogon Paunlarin, Agrikultura’t Industriya Palakasin“(Develop Sorsogon, Strengthen Agriculture and Industry). The leitmotif brought significance to the role of the agricultural industry in the province and showcased Sorsogon’s distinctiveness.

This year’s festivity, according to KFI Founding President Monsignor Francisco P. Monje, will go on with the same theme but, will profoundly concentrate on Tourism in an effort to draw more visitors from here and abroad.

While Monsignor Monje deems that the Kasanggayahan takes off as one Provincial Affair, Administrator Rodrigueza’s center of attention is Tourism. The Provincial Administrator emphasizes that tourism is the quickest scheme to boost up one’s economy.

The official likewise gives emphasis to the need of implementing sound peace and order, aside from promoting one’s tourism potential. He accepts as true that attracting more tourists means more opportunities for everyone and will enhance Sorsogon’s economy. He pushes for the “one-town, one-product” system for reason that people also visit other places because of the food and viability of raw products for their businesses. The Province has an agricultural capacity for that matter according to the official.

“These are all key ingredients to the Provincial Government’s goal, particularly the Provincial Government, which is the development of the Province,” Rodrigueza stated.

The Provincial Administrator reiterated the meaning of KASANGGAYAHAN which is “Life of Peace and Prosperity” for the Sorsoganons. “Hand in hand, if we can work together – not only the municipalities will profit from this endeavor, but the whole province as well,” he said.

The Kasanggayahan celebration was first conceptualized in year 1974 commemorating the establishment of Sorsogon as a separate province from Albay. KFI, which has been at the forefront of all Kasanggayahan celebration for years, was organized in 1995. (VAELabalan, Sorsogon P.I.O.)

People's Declaration Against Overfishing and Other Threats to the Marine Environment - Donsol, Sorsogon

People's Declaration Against Overfishing and Other Threats to the Marine Environment
Donsol, Sorsogon
October 25, 2012

We, the members of the communities threatened by overfishing and other threats to the marine environment across the Philippines, have come together to claim our rights to a healthy environment with abundant fish and marine resources and demand that the state protect our non-negotiable rights to “a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.”

We depend on our Seas and Oceans.  A destroyed marine environment is a danger to the well-being of our families and a threat to our very survival.  We denounce the lack of action to address this crisis.

  • Marine pollution, uncontrolled land conversion, degradation, mining, reclamation and coastal erosion is choking and killing our coasts.
  • Our seas becoming a dumping ground for toxics coming from other countries and from local factories and industries
  • The increased amount of carbon pollution and other gases is causing global warming and changes in the climate which will make the Oceans unliveable for the marine creatures that we depend on. 
  • The overcapacity in the fishing fleets, together with the decreasing amount of fish will eventually lead to a collapse in the fish stocks that we cannot survive without.

Solutions are available, what we lack is the collective will to enforce them.

The Philippine government must realize that its task is to ensure the country’s sustainable development with a Marine Environment that can sustain life today and in the future.

The government must prioritize the support forlocal fishing communities so that they can empower themselves and their communities and be a driver of development for the country.

The government must eradicate unsustainable practices that harm our Marine Environment including unsustainable and destructive fishing.

We demand that government agencies and officials concerned take immediate action to protect the well-being of our communities by:

  • Eradicating unsustainable and inequitable use of our marine resources at the soonest possible time.
  •  Providing support to coastal communities so that they can effectively protect their marine resources.
  • Creating an effective network of marine reserves that would allow the seas to recover and continuously provide our needs for the future.
  •  Creating a roadmap for recovery for the Philippine seas and implement it immediately.

We owe the sea our air, our sustenance, our survival. On our part, we, the communities from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao that are threatened by the destruction of our Marine Environment declare our pledge to save Philippine seas. ###

Thousands rally in Bicol to “defend the oceans” against illegal fishing | Greenpeace Philippines

Local fishing boats, together with the Esperanza, formed a symbolic demarcation line in the coastal waters of Donsol on July 20, 2013. The flotilla was meant to demonstrate the communities’ demand for the strict enforcement of the ban on commercial fishing vessels within the 15 kilometer zone reserved for municipal fishers.
Thousands rally in Bicol to “defend the oceans” against illegal fishing | Greenpeace Philippines

DENR rescues leatherback turtle eggs in Albay

Ms. Angie Vilorai, biologist III of DENR Pawikan Conservation Project, thrusts a mesh trap into the new nest of rescued leatherback turtle eggs in Rawis, Legazpi City. Some 105 eggs were drawn from the nest likely to be submerged in tidal waters and are now safely placed in the new site. (Photo by Alfredo G. Macasinag, Jr.)

The leatherback nest demarcated by poles is barred from intrusion. This site will be subjected to protection as a critical habitat of marine turtles. (photo: RLMendones)
LEGAZPI CITY, The DENR excavated a leatherback turtle nest and rescued 105 eggs because the nest is likely to be inundated by high tide. If the eggs are reached by tidal water they will rot. The DENR marine turtle experts are optimistic there will be lower mortality having made such transfer. A safer ground was identified some 50 meters from the nest with almost identical condition with the area and the original nest.

Baka sakaling may mapisa kahit almost 4-day old na yong eggs, inilipat naming sa mas mataas na lugar na hindi aabuta nng high tide s aloob ng 2 buwan. Bago kami nag-decide na i-transfer yong eggs (we are taking chances despite moving 4-day old eggs to an area higher in elevation and is not likely reached by high tide), we consulted Dr. Nick Pilcher and Dr. Chan EngHeng on the procedure on the transfer of 4-day old eggs. Both have conducted researches on leatherback turtles.

Dr. Pilcher advised to use egg tray. Dr. Chan said no shaking, No vibration and No over-turning of eggs. They both said the vertical axis should be maintained.

“It’s the same procedure used by DENR-PAWB-Pawikan Conservation Project in transferring newly laid eggs of green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles. Actually it was our first time to transfer 4-day old eggs. We are used to the standard procedure of transferring eggs immediately after laying and we finish the process in less than an hour with a maximum period of 2 hours,” explained Angie Viloria on the rescue.

There were other observations noted among them: majority of the eggs were found to be in unstable shape which indicates that it was previously touched; there were about 105 eggs, 90 of which are normal while 15 were abnormal with variable sizes (small lanzones and grapes, the others are light and empty). The size of the leatherback egg is slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

The Philippine Navy continues to guard the area while DENR Regional Office’s Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service records daily temperature of sand and ambient air temperature.

This is considered the first documented leatherback turtle nesting in the Philippines, the Pawikan Conservation Project confirms. (RMendones, DENR-V/PIA Sorsogon)


DENR, Albay provincial government, Phil. Navy to ensure protection of pawikan eggs

LEGAZPI CITY, Aug 2 – Three agencies are now working in unison to ensure protection of the eggs of the giant leatherback turtle which laid eggs last Sunday (July 14) evening in the coastline of Brgy. Rawis, Legazpi City.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol Regional Executive Director Gilbert Gonzales announced today that the DENR will be working with the Provincial Government of Albay and the Philippine Navy (Naval Forces Southern Luzon) to guard the eggs and ensure that it will hatch within the protocol of the Department.

“This one event is historical and a first ever documented laying of eggs by a giant leatherback turtle in the Philippines, hence, it is imperative that we should see to it that these turtle eggs will be accorded with proper protection so as to ensure survival of the hatchlings,” RED Gonzales emphasized.

Some DENR technical personnel were ordered to improve the makeshift fence to protect the intrusion of people and animals. They are also tasked to establish a perimeter fence for the no entry zone until personnel from the Pawikan Conservation Project of the DENR Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) arrive and shall take the lead in assessing whether or not the eggs will be transferred to a safer ground.

“I already assigned focal persons from the protected area and wildlife division to monitor the eggs frequently until they hatch within the incubation period, and also to make coordination with adjacent coastal barangays through their local officials in monitoring the beach head for a possible return of the giant leatherback turtle to lay eggs again after two weeks” he added.

According to the director, the provincial government through Gov. Joey Salceda is also monitoring the occurrence and employing means to complement the conservation and protection effort while the Phil. Navy has stationed personnel to watch the nesting area against possible intrusion.

On July 14, 2013 (Sunday evening) villagers had seen the leatherback turtle laying eggs which thereafter returned to sea. Based on eyewitness account and photos, the giant marine reptilian measures about two meters by one meter, in length and width, respectively and is touted as the largest of its kind and the first ever documented nesting in the country to date. (Jessel Basanta)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Capacity Building on DRR for NSTP Faculty Trainers and Students conducted

Capability Building On Disaster Risk Reduction Management For Nstp Faculty Trainers And Students At Aemillianum College On July17-19, 2013

SORSOGON CITY – In line with this years’ celebration of National Disaster Consciousness Month, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) together with the Bicol University Extension Service Center (BU ESC) and World Food Programme (WFP) in cooperation with the Bicol University National Service Training Program (NSTP) conducted Safety and Emergency Management Skills Training at Aemillianum College, Inc. in Sorsogon City on July 17-19, 2013.

The Bureau of Fire Protection Region V was the leading agency that tapped the BFP Sorsogon City in the conduct of capability building on disaster risk reduction management. The said undertaking was participated by more or less one hundred thirty (130) NSTP faculty trainers and students from different schools within Sorsogon Province.

On July 17, 2013, the said program was started by an introduction to the DRRMC Act of 2010, its mandate guidelines and procedures. On the same day, CInsp Joseph Reylito S. Espiritu, OIC-ARD for OPN/C, EMDS of BFP R5 discussed the incident command system to the participants.

On the 2nd day, July 18, 2013, the participants had undergone Emergency Management Training, wherein the BFP Sorsogon City personnel headed by the undersigned were tasked to be the resource speakers. Led by Insp Franz Dominique F Badong, Deputy City Fire Marshal and C, Admin of BFP Sorsogon City, the team gave lectures and demonstration on basic life support, soft tissue injury management, emergency rescue transport, splinting and bandaging. In addition, Insp Badong also tackled the brief history of BFP and its legal mandates.

FO2 Wilfredo S Decano, meanwhile, discussed fire safety which includes the common causes of fire, fire behavior, its classification, different fire extinguishments, proper handling of fire extinguisher and the phases of earthquake drill.

On the 3rd day, the competition of Kiddie Junior Fire Marshal Olympics was carried out. There were ten (10) manned team that represent their respective school.

During the competition, each team showcased their newly acquired knowledge and skills through proper application of first aid, rescue techniques and fire extinguishment in seven (7) stages/stations.

They were evaluated by BFP personnel based on their performance and also the duration of execution.

The activity was successfully concluded with the announcement of winners as well as recognizing the sportsmanship shown by the participants.

“The activity aims to promote awareness and preparedness among the participants in case of disaster such as earthquake and fire incidents. Thus, vigilance is being emphasized during these emergency situations,” said Sorsogon City Fire Marshal CInsp Walter Marcial.

He further added that the community is not only taught of the adaptation to climate change but also the preventive measures that can be done in order to lessen its impact in our community, since disasters are unpredictable.

The BFP’s effort to ensure the welfare of the public is the key in having a safe and progressive society.

“The BFP is looking forward to attain this kind of advocacy through seminars, trainings and drills in which active participation of the community is vital. Towards this end, the BFP still believes that safety is everybody’s concern,” he concluded. (PIA Sorsogon/BFP)

Sorsogon Gov. Lee's call for the promotion of peace in Sorsogon

Province of Sorsogon
17 July 2013


As Governor of Sorsogon, I am mandated by the constituency to do what is best in the Province. I have the responsibility to do what is just, necessary and equitable to achieve a lasting peace and development in the Province of Sorsogon.

When I made a call for cessation of hostilities and urged for meaningful dialogue between concerned government authorities and the rebels, my intention is to promote peace in Sorsogon. A just and lasting peace in any civil society is the foundation to achieve sustainable growth for people to live with dignity and to become valuable partners in the creation of wealth.

As, Governor, I offered the resources of the Provincial Government to initiate local peace talks, for it was the aspiration of Sorsoganons. Being the Provincial Chief Executive, I want to save the Province from being marked as the “meat grinder,” South of Luzon in these 44 years of internal conflict.

But, it was never my intention to air my call for peace as a ploy to gain leverage against any of the parties involved. To say that “localized peace talks’ is necessary is synonymous as saying that there will never be lasting peace in Sorsogon. That is also unacceptable and intolerable.

I appeal to President Benigno Aquino III, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Mr. Luis Jalandoni of the NDFP, to put your acts together for peace and unity, not only for Sorsogon, but also to our country.

In this vein, I call again for the parties to exercise restraint, t o pave normalcy in the Sorsogon hinterlands.

I urge their respective leaderships to re-start a comprehensive peace process. Start peace process where you have stumbled a few times at the National Level. Somewhere along the peace talk’s process, you may reach a common point of understanding, equilibrium of agreement where both parties and protagonists will see the light of a new horizon where fraternity, love and unity reign among warring Filipinos.

I appeal to them to spare Sorsogon and civil society from pushing them into unnecessary hardships.

We are resolute in preserving the gains of our labors and we are committed to set it.

Robert Lee Rodrigueza
Provincial Administrator

Media Briefing - Peter Paul Philippines Corp. Operations in Sorsogon


On-line Application para sa PNP Entrance at Promotional Exam, binuksan na ng NAPOLCOM

Ni: Bennie A. Recebido

LUNSGOD NG SORSOGON, HULYO 31 (PIA) – Bukas na ngayon sa pagtanggap ng on-line applicant ang National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) para sa mga interesadong pumasok sa pagpupulis at sa mga nasa serbisyo na nais tumaas pa ang kanilang mga ranggo.

Ayon kay NAPOLCOM Regional Director Rodolfo G. Santos Jr., nakatakdang gawin ang regular na Philippine National Police (PNP) Entrance Exam at Promotional Exam sa Oktubre 20, 2013 sa ilalim ng On-Line Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS).

Aniya, ang on-line schedule para sa pagsumite ng aplikasyon para sa Entrance Examination ay sinimulan na noong Lunes, Hulyo 29, 2013 na magtatagal hanggang Agosto 7, 2013, habang naka-iskedyul naman sa Agosto 8-16, 2013 ang Promotional Examination.

Binigyang diin ni Dir. Santos na ang mga aplikante ay dapat na gumamit ng on-line system sa paghingi ng iskedyul para sa pagsumite ng examination application na gagawin sa NAPOLCOM Regional Office simula Agosto 19 hanggang Seyiembre 13, 2013.

Bumisita lamang umano o mag-log-on ang mga interesadong aplikante official website ng NAPOLCOM at punuan ang application form na makikita doon para sa kanilang scheduled-appointment ng pagsusumite ng aplikasyon.

Isang letter-reply confirmation naman ang ipapadala ng NAPOLCOM sa e-mail address na ibinigay ng aplikante kung saan dapat na dalhin ang kopya nito kasabay ang iba pang documentary requirement na isusumite ng aplikante sa regional office ng NAPOLCOM na matatagpuan sa Government Regional Center, Rawis Legazpi City.

Lahat ng aplikante ay kailangang personal na pumunta sa nasabing opisina ayon sa itinakdang petsa o araw na nakalagay sa computer generated letter-reply confirmation.

Paglilinaw ni Dir. Santos na hindi nila tatanggapin o ipoproseso ang aplikasyon ng mga walk-in applicants na hindi makapagpapakita ng on-line confirmation.

Samantala, inoobliga din ng NAPOLCOM ang mga aplikanteng PNP na isuot ang kanilang kumpletong GOA TYPE “B” uniform sa pagsusumite ng kanilang aplikasyon.
Inaabisuhan din ang mga aplikante na pumunta sa NAPOLCOM Regional Office, 15 minuto bago ang itinakdang schedule appointment dala ang mga sumusunod na dokumento at rekisitos:

Para sa Entrance Examinee: Transcript of Scholastic Records; Birth Certificate na inisyu ng Local Civil Registrar o National Statistic Office; dalawang piraso ng magkapareho at pinakahuling kuhang 1”x1” colored ID picture na may puting background at kumpletong name tag; isang Legal-sized window envelope na may P9.00 halaga ng mailing stamp; Examination fee na P400.00; at Certified copy ng attested appointment, plantilla appointment o order para sa mga Police Officer 1 (PO1) na may Temporary Appointment.

Ang mga aplikante sa nasabing eksaminasyon ay dapat na 30 taong gulang pababa, nakapagtapos ng Bachelor’s Degree, at may taas na 1.62 metro o 5’4” para sa mga lalaki at 1.57 meter o 5’2” sa mga babae.

Para sa Promotional Examinee: Certified True Copy ng Attested Appointment, Plantilla o PNP Absorption Order; Report of Rating/Certification na inisyu ng NAPOLCOM Central Office; CSC Certification of Eligibility o PRC Board of Eligibility; dalawang dalawang piraso ng magkapareho at pinakahuling kuhang 1”x1” colored ID picture na may puting background at kumpletong name tag; isang Legal-sized window envelope na may P9.00 halaga ng mailing stamp; Examination fee na: P400.00 para sa PO Exam; P450.00 para sa SPO; P500.00 para sa INSP; at P600.00 para sa SUPT.

Dagdag pa ni Dir. Santos na ang pagtanggap nila ng on-line application ay gagawin alinsunod sa “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS”. (BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon/RBolima)