Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sorsogon Gov. Lee's call for the promotion of peace in Sorsogon

Province of Sorsogon
17 July 2013


As Governor of Sorsogon, I am mandated by the constituency to do what is best in the Province. I have the responsibility to do what is just, necessary and equitable to achieve a lasting peace and development in the Province of Sorsogon.

When I made a call for cessation of hostilities and urged for meaningful dialogue between concerned government authorities and the rebels, my intention is to promote peace in Sorsogon. A just and lasting peace in any civil society is the foundation to achieve sustainable growth for people to live with dignity and to become valuable partners in the creation of wealth.

As, Governor, I offered the resources of the Provincial Government to initiate local peace talks, for it was the aspiration of Sorsoganons. Being the Provincial Chief Executive, I want to save the Province from being marked as the “meat grinder,” South of Luzon in these 44 years of internal conflict.

But, it was never my intention to air my call for peace as a ploy to gain leverage against any of the parties involved. To say that “localized peace talks’ is necessary is synonymous as saying that there will never be lasting peace in Sorsogon. That is also unacceptable and intolerable.

I appeal to President Benigno Aquino III, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Mr. Luis Jalandoni of the NDFP, to put your acts together for peace and unity, not only for Sorsogon, but also to our country.

In this vein, I call again for the parties to exercise restraint, t o pave normalcy in the Sorsogon hinterlands.

I urge their respective leaderships to re-start a comprehensive peace process. Start peace process where you have stumbled a few times at the National Level. Somewhere along the peace talk’s process, you may reach a common point of understanding, equilibrium of agreement where both parties and protagonists will see the light of a new horizon where fraternity, love and unity reign among warring Filipinos.

I appeal to them to spare Sorsogon and civil society from pushing them into unnecessary hardships.

We are resolute in preserving the gains of our labors and we are committed to set it.

Robert Lee Rodrigueza
Provincial Administrator

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