Friday, August 2, 2013

Support ‘One-Town, One-Product Advocacy, says Sorsogon Prov’l. Administrator

Prov'l Admin Robert Rodrigueza, with KFI Founding President,
Msgr Francisco P. Monje and Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee
SORSOGON CITY, Aug 2 – Provincial Administrator Robert Lee Rodrigueza urged Kasanggayahan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) in its continuing preparations for the annual Kasanggayahan Festival this year to uphold the “one-town, one-product” advocacy.

This was articulated by Administrator Rodrigueza in one of the Kasanggayahan Foundation Incorporated (KFI) meeting along with concerned stakeholders as they brainstorm in preparation for the 119th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of Sorsogon this year.

Last year’s Kasanggayahan Festival celebration was themed “Sorsogon Paunlarin, Agrikultura’t Industriya Palakasin“(Develop Sorsogon, Strengthen Agriculture and Industry). The leitmotif brought significance to the role of the agricultural industry in the province and showcased Sorsogon’s distinctiveness.

This year’s festivity, according to KFI Founding President Monsignor Francisco P. Monje, will go on with the same theme but, will profoundly concentrate on Tourism in an effort to draw more visitors from here and abroad.

While Monsignor Monje deems that the Kasanggayahan takes off as one Provincial Affair, Administrator Rodrigueza’s center of attention is Tourism. The Provincial Administrator emphasizes that tourism is the quickest scheme to boost up one’s economy.

The official likewise gives emphasis to the need of implementing sound peace and order, aside from promoting one’s tourism potential. He accepts as true that attracting more tourists means more opportunities for everyone and will enhance Sorsogon’s economy. He pushes for the “one-town, one-product” system for reason that people also visit other places because of the food and viability of raw products for their businesses. The Province has an agricultural capacity for that matter according to the official.

“These are all key ingredients to the Provincial Government’s goal, particularly the Provincial Government, which is the development of the Province,” Rodrigueza stated.

The Provincial Administrator reiterated the meaning of KASANGGAYAHAN which is “Life of Peace and Prosperity” for the Sorsoganons. “Hand in hand, if we can work together – not only the municipalities will profit from this endeavor, but the whole province as well,” he said.

The Kasanggayahan celebration was first conceptualized in year 1974 commemorating the establishment of Sorsogon as a separate province from Albay. KFI, which has been at the forefront of all Kasanggayahan celebration for years, was organized in 1995. (VAELabalan, Sorsogon P.I.O.)

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