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I. Who are the organizers of the Search?

The COPS is a joint undertaking of the Rotary Club of New Manila East (RCNME) and the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. (MBFI). In 1999 the Metrobank Foundation set-up an endowment fund of Ten Million Pesos specifically for the recognition of outstanding police officers. Using the technology and experience MBFI has gained in the conduct of the Search for Outstanding Teachers (SOT), the Foundation ensures objectivity in the evaluation of the nominees to the competition.

The Rotary Club of New Manila East on the other hand has been conducting the Best Community Oriented Policemen (C.O.P.) since 1998. The Best C.O.P. was in recognition of the vocational and community service component of police work for the quest of peace and order over that of the punitive aspect. It sought to highlight the efforts of the police in addressing social deprivation as the source of criminality. Sharing in the vision and objectives of both the RCNME and the PNP, the Metrobank Foundation began exploratory talks with the RCNME in 2001. The following year, the partnership among RCNME, Metrobank Foundation, and the PNP for the conduct of COPS was formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement that outlined the parameters of the tri-partite partnership.

In 2007, the PSBank, the Philippines’ second largest savings bank, partnered with Metrobank Foundation and the Rotary Club of New Manila East in the search for the Country's Outstanding Police Officers in Service (COPS). Their campaign of providing due recognition to Filipino Police Officers who are dedicated in improving our quality of life would inspire other men and women of the Philippine National Police and other Filipinos to continue enhancing their service and to perform with competence and integrity.

II. What are the Objectives of the Competition?

The C.O.P.S. seeks to highlight the cooperative efforts between the police and the community in safeguarding the peace and order in the community. It seeks to highlight the importance of the police fostering a cooperative effort between them and the community.

Thus we are looking for Police Officers who have actively solicited, mobilized, involved and organized the community to become fellow vanguards of the community.

III. What is the coverage of the competition?

The competition is a career achievement award. This means that the entire career contribution of the nominee is evaluated.

However, only seven of the most important cases and seven community mobilization projects/activities will be requested to be documented for ease of evaluation and comparison. The seven cases should be specific and not generalizations. (e.g. Arrest of Juancho kidnap for Ransom Group not operations against Kidnap for Ransom Groups)

It should be emphasized that the nominee must be able to show how he/she utilized, mobilized, or empowered the community or individual members of the community in order to achieve his/her objective; as well as his/her role in the conduct of the police operations. (e.g. whether the nominee conducted follow-up investigation, participated in a team’s operation, or led the operation)

IV. Who can join?

The competition is open to all Police Officers who have been in the service for at least seven (7) consecutive years by the time of the deadline of nomination.

For those participating in the “Commissioned Officers” category, they must possess the rank of at least “Police Inspector” to “Police Superintendent” until the official Conferment of Award in June 2013.  If a nominee, holding a rank of Superintendent, is promoted to the next higher rank, the effectivity of promotion should be after June 2013 to make him/her eligible for the award;

For those participating in the “Non-Commissioned Officers” category, they must possess the rank of at least “Police Officer 1” to “Senior Police Officer 4” until the official Conferment of Award in June 2013.  If a nominee, holding a rank of SPO4, is promoted to the next higher rank, the effectivity of promotion should be after June 2013 to make him/her eligible for the award;

Applicants who have the rank of SPO4 and Superintendent should not have any pending application for promotion to the next higher rank upon submission of nomination make him/her eligible for the award;;

Those who have not been adjudged guilty/liable in any administrative or criminal case;

Those who have no pending administrative or criminal case by the time of the Awarding.

Those who are not current nominees/finalists or previous winners in other national awards similar to COPS like the Ten Outstanding Policewomen of the Philippines (TOPWP).

Those who have not been finalists of the Search for two (2) consecutive years.

COPS is a career achievement award. Winners in the PNCO Category who were promoted to PCOs are no longer eligible to join the Search under the PCO Category.

Nominees need not be Rotary Club members or depositors of Metrobank or PSBank in order to join.

V. Who can win?

A maximum of four (4) Commissioned Officers and six (6) non-Commissioned Officers may be declared as winners of the competition.

The Final Board of Judges has the option not to award the allocation in any of the categories in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the competition.

VI. What can be won?

Each awardee will receive a cash prize of Php 300,000.00 and a trophy courtesy of the Metrobank Foundation, Inc., and a medal courtesy of the Philippine National Police.

VII. Who can nominate?

Any of the following can nominate to the competition:
1. Direct supervisor in the PNP (immediate former and/or current)
2. PNP Regional Director
3. City/Municipal Mayor (at most 2 Commissioned officers, 3 Non-Commissioned officers)
4. Provincial Governor (at most 2 Commissioned officers, 3 Non-Commissioned officers)
5. Rotary Club
6. NGO, Church organizations, etc.
7. TV/Radio station manager

The immediate supervisor of the nominee should either be the nominator or endorser. Should the immediate supervisor be an endorser, he/she must certify that the submitted accomplishments by the nominee are accurate and true.

Police officers who wish to join the competition must be endorsed by any one of those listed above.

VIII. How can one join?

All interested nominees should only need to submit the duly filled up nomination form and latest 2x2 photo on or before February 28, 2013 in any of the following:

1. Metrobank Foundation office, 4th floor Executive Offices, Metrobank Plaza Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
2. nearest Metrobank Branch
3. nearest PSBank Branch
4. nearest RCNME-accredited Rotary Chapter
5. PNP Directorate for Police Community Relations Office, Camp Crame, Quezon City

Nomination forms are available in all police stations through the Philippine National Police. In the event that the PNP station has run out of nomination forms, the nominator or the nominee can get a copy at the nearest Metrobank or PSBank branch.

The forms can also be downloaded from the following websites:

1. at the Metrobank Foundation website:
2. at the Philippine National Police website:
3. at the COPS website:

The nomination form should be filled out completely by the nominee. No items should be left blank. The nominee should then secure the signature of his/her nominator. The nominator should also provide a brief essay answering the question, “What makes the nominee deserving of the distinction of a Country’s Outstanding Police Officer in Service (COPS)” at the 2nd page of the nomination form. 

Once the nominee qualified for the 2nd phase of the Search, s/he will be informed through their respective Regional Directors or National Support Unit Director to submit the supporting documents in five (5) copies in separate folders to the above mentioned offices/branches.  

All required supporting documents reproduced in legal bond paper (8” x 13”) should be attached to each set of the accomplished nomination form.

The format and required supporting documents are indicated at the last page of the FAQs.

IX. What clearances are required for eligible nominees?

The nominee should secure clearances from the following:

1. National Bureau of Investigation
2. Office of the Commission on Human Rights
4. Office of the Ombudsman

The nominee should also secure a copy of his/her latest performance evaluation sheet from the PNP and submit five(5) copies, each copy enclosed in the submitted nomination folder.

The nominee needs to submit the original copy of the abovementioned clearances and four (4) copies along with their nomination form and supporting documents.

X. Can a retired policeman join? Can one nominate dead Police Officers?
The competition seeks to raise models of excellence within the police force which other Police Officers and women could emulate. The organizers also seek to restore public confidence back to the police force. As such, the organizers are looking for Police Officers who are still active in the service who could serve as examples within the police force.

Should there be questions or clarifications, please contact Mr. Hero Hernandez or Mr. Third Salang of Metrobank Foundation at (02) 8988757 or (0922) 8548503.

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