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DTI, PGADC to host Mini Trade Fair and Skills Competition

Pagsalad nin Bay-ong

By: Bennie A. Recebido

SORSOGON CITY, March 10 (PIA) – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Sorsogon Office in coordination with the Provincial Government of Sorsogon through the Provincial Gender Advocacy Council (PGADC) intensifies promotion of GAD and women empowerment in the province through a mini-trade fair and skills competition open to aspiring Sorsogon women entrepreneurs specifically in the marginalized sectors.

As member of the PGADC, the DTI under the leadership of provincial director Leah Pagao spearheads the activity.

Ms. Glenda Goingo, DTI’s GAD focal person, said that as women are once again highlighted this March, they have prepared activities that would enhance and promote the entrepreneurial skills of Sorsogon women especially from the marginalized sector, and at the same time help augment their livelihoods.

Pagtilad nin Pili
Dubbed as “Barakalan asin Patiribayan sa Kapitolyo sa Bulan nin mga Kababayihan,” the activity which will be held on March 14-16, 2013 at the kasanggayahan Village, Capitol Compound, Sorsogon City, will also be an avenue to showcase and promote the locally-made products of Sorsogon’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

"It will feature an array of environmental friendly local crafts and food as well as agricultural products developed and made by our very own women,” says Ms. Goingo.

The skills competition that will held on the first day will showcase identified skills on “Pagsalad sin bayong” (bayong weaving) and “pagtilad sin pili” (pili shell cracking) to stir the entrepreneurial awareness and cultural appreciation on the essence of Women’s Month in line with the promotion of culture and tradition of the province.

Buyers can take pleasure of the local MSMEs products from the trade fair huts that will be mounted near the Provincial Tourism Compound. Products to be sold will include include handicrafts, processed foods/native delicacies, agri-products (fruits and vegetables), organic products, ornamental plants, and health and wellness products. The three-day selling period will be from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

“We have encouraged the local government units (LGUs) to select the best entry as contestant in their area to stimulate province wide participation. And because our main objective to this activity is to highlight our women’s entrepreneurial skills and showcase our locally made products, we deemed not to collect any participation fee,” Ms. Goingo articulated.

This year’s theme of the Women’s Month celebration is “Kababaihan: Gabay sa Pagtahak sa Tuwid na Daan”. (BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon)


Women’s Month Celebration 2013
“Patiribayan sa Bulan nin mga Kababayihan”
Skills Competition
March 14, 2013



ü  Maximum of fifteen (15) entries per  Category
ü  Duly endorsed accomplished Entry per category
ü  Deadline submission of entry to DTI-Sorsogon /PGADC on March 12, 2013

I.            Pagsalad Sin Bayong (Bayong Weaving/Making)

·         The competition is open to women handicraft weavers in the municipality with skills on bayong weaving.
·         A maximum of two (2) hours shall be allotted to the participants to weave/make the bayong.
·         Bayong Specifications and Raw Materials Requirements
-          The  design of Bayong will focus on utility basket (shopping bag)
-          Raw Material – Karagumoy, natural, ½” width of strips
-          Bayong Size    : L= 12” ; W=4”  ; H= 12”
-          Type of Weaving- Natural or Diagonal Weaving, Straight Weaving, “Kinabanan”, “Salanigo”, etc. or any weaving style distinct in the area can be applied.
-          Handle – Abaca twine can be applied or manipulated on handle of the bayong
-          No mould will be used in bayong weaving for this contest
-          Participants should bring their own knife, scissors, cutter or any other gadgets used in bayong weaving.
-          Materials to be used in bayong weaving will be shouldered by the organizer and will be distributed to the participants during the contest proper.

·         Criteria for Judging

-          Aesthetic Appeal (aesthetic design, originality of design, over-all appearance) – 35%
-          Craftsmanship (application of various weaving techniques/            Manipulation, maximize use of RM, neatness, cleanliness – 35%
-           Functionality/ Wearability (usefulness, durable, sturdy) – 20%
-          Best Time   (finished less than  two (2 ) hour will be given highest
Points) – 10%


·         The competition is open to interested women participants from the various Municipalities in the province of Sorsogon.  Duly endorsed entries by MGADC, must be submitted on or before March 12, 2013 @ DTI-Sorsogon Provincial Office/PGADC staff.
·         Contest proper will start at exactly 9:00 am, thus the participants are required to be at the venue 30 minutes before the contest starts.
·         Contestants should bring with them the tools to be used (bolo & Chopping board)

·         Criteria for Judging

-          Speed/Best Time ( 5 minutes maximum Time) – 50%
3 minutes          - 50 points
4 minutes          - 40 points
5 minutes          - 30 points

-           Quality : Whole Pili Kernel Presented
     90 pcs. and above, whole pili kernel – (40 points) – 40%
     70 – 89 pcs. whole pili kernel – (30 points)
     50 – 69 pcs. whole pili kernel – (20 points)

-          Cleanliness in the area – 10%

·         Specifications/Raw Materials & Other Requierments

-          Maximum of five (5) minutes shall be allotted to the participants
-          100 pcs. Of “lagting” (pili with shell) will be given to each participants.
-          Contestant with the best time and has a greatest number of whole pili kernel produced out of cracked pili shell will be declared as winner.

III.        Other Terms

·         Decision of judges is final.
·         The organizers will not be liable or accountable on whatever accidents that may harm the participants within the duration of the contest.
·         All entries shall become the property of PGADC.
·         Winners shall be announced immediately after the contest.
·         All winners, First, Second and Third Prizes will receive a Certificate of Recognition and Tokens.



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