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TO ALL ARTISTS/ART ENTHUSIASTS (either in the field of Photography, Painting, Drawing, Theater, Sculpture, Film Making and Storytelling), THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! So, I invite you to PLEASE READ THIS:


The Kurit- Lagting, an art organization (based in Sorsogon City, Philippines) with the thrust of promoting the culture and arts among the youth of Sorsogon through alternative art education and practice will be launching this April 6-7 2013 at the Sorsogon State College Main Campus the KURITon Series: A Community Arts Project which is an alternative roaming Art Education Program travelling to different towns, municipalities, barangays, schools, and other places in the Bicol Region together with Childfund Philippines and FACE Inc. (Federation of Associations for Communities and Children’s Empowerment, Inc) with the shared goal  to educate, initiate, map out and enrich the potentials of the members of the community in the field of the arts through Arts and Crafts as well as Photography, Painting, Drawing, Theater, Sculpture, Film Making and Storytelling workshops.

Inspired by Efren Penaflorida’s Kariton classroom, KURITon Series is the very first mobile art education programin Sorsogon through the examination of the role of Art in shaping communities as an important mobilizing agent in the social, economic, and communal sphere of the people in Sorsogon..The words KURIT (to draw, to write, to mark) and KARITON (a make-shift wooden pushcart) when combined as KURITon gives a more solid grasp on the mobility and bayanihan of art education. Thus, these words call for the development of relationships between art, community and environment to help shape initiatives in community development to ensure and establish foundations on which the people can build and develop themselves through collaborative unity and effort. The main activity under the Kuriton Series dubbed as KURIT KAN SARADIT, is a one month actual community work from April 9-May 3, 2013 travelling to selected barangays.

This Community art project represents mainly the ability for art to move around, to go to places and to reach its destination in healing people and touching lives by making it available to its target audience for a certain period of time, and develops – often in collaboration with local artists – a community project.  artists and cultural workers indeed need to travel beyond borders to extend their scope of activities and meet new audiences, to find new sources of inspiration to make their creations evolve, and to exchange experiences and learn from each other with a view to developing the needs of the people in the community.

In this regard we would like to invite all the members of the Press including local and national media and also school-based student publications to attend our launching on April 6-7 2013 at the Sorsogon State College Main Campus at 10:00am.Attached is a copy of our organization’s profile and selected achievements for your reference and the copy of our press release. Your involvement will make our KURITon Series an extra special event.

Very truly yours,

Geri Matthew D. Carretero
Officer in Charge                 


Fruit of the Art
Kurit-Lagting is an art organization that incorporates almost all artistic disciplines in teaching the creation, production, and presentation of the arts. It is a collective artistic collaboration of individual artists and interdisciplinary writers envisioning to be an important part of the community art scene in Sorsogon. Through art education and practice as its primary objective as a group, this group also aspires to cultivate the innate or emergent potentials among Sorsoganons in the arts. By utilizing the different forms of the arts, Kurit-Lagting as an art organization together with Sorosogn Arts Council believe that Visual Literacy through Art Education is one of the key elements in bringing up social welfare to educate individuals and families in the community.

Our group is currently affiliated with Sorsogon Arts Council (Visual Arts Discipline) where we collaborate to create interesting programs/workshops and activities that strive to create a fun learning environment which motivate and inspire the youth, while providing them with the up to date educational approach needed to establish a firm foundation for lifelong learning. The approach would be a step by step process wherein the participants are guided accordingly by giving them concepts and ideas which they can fully grasp and put into practice.


Kurit-Lagting on the GO!
This series resulted as a product of the successful events of KURIT-LAGTING as a group which was first initiated by a group of Sorsoganon Artists in 2001 but has never really been formally established as a group until December 2011. In January to February 2012, a proposal  to launch the group was conceptualized as part of  the group’s Art Director’s requirement for his  MA in Museum Studies at the University of the Philippines hence opening the door for  the founding members of the group to affiliate Kurit-Lagting with Sorsogon Arts Council as its newest member in the Visual Arts discipline. In February also, the KuritSeries ( a multidisciplinary arts workshop and competition) with the theme was also launched  to educate its members and the community  of Sorsogon in the field of the arts .

The group conducted its 2nd KURIT SERIES first pilot academic project “KULTURANG SORSOGANON: IKURIT ‘TA” last April 2012 at the Sorsogon State College where 150 participants joined the said art workshop in the fields of Photography, Story Telling, Basic Drawing, Basic Painting, and Editorial Cartooning.After the successful summer workshop, Jollibee (Sorsogon Branch) invited Kurit-Lagting to head the art workshop for their kiddie club last May. Last August of 2012 another workshop as the 3rdKurit Series for students and professionals alike was held in the same venue exploring the concerns on the quality of Education in the Philippines with the theme “Guihapon: An PagSid-Ip (Again: Looking Through). This activity was participated by 50 students, followed by an arts competition at the end of the lecture-workshop in Photography, Painting, Poster-Making, Cartooning and Music Video Editing.

By October 2012, the group launched its 4thkurit Series Artworkshop exclusively for the Sorosogn National High School in the field of the visual arts and photojournalism. The first major exhibit was staged and curated by the Art Director of the group as the one of major activities of the Kasanggayahan Festival held at the Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center. The art show gained a large number of audiences and was successfully included in a number of Press Releases and Reviews. The exhibit was also the longest running activity of the Festival from October1-31, 2012.

Another activity was also set forth and spearheaded by the group which was Scott Kelby’s 5th ANNUAL WORLDWIDE PHOTOWALK in Sorsogon—a social event across the globe happening simultaneously. Participated by over 50 participants, it was also the first time that Kasanggayahan was featured in this International event. A culminating activity (workshop and competition) was held at Sorsogon State College Pavilion and the poetry night was launched at UNA Pizzeria dubbed as KASANGtulaan: A Night of Sorsoganon Poetry in cooperation with UNA Pizzeria, Sorsogon State College,Sorsogon Arts Council, Aguador Water Refilling Station, Independent Sorsogon Artists. Over 25 students participated in the said event from Schools in Sorsogon City.

...behind the success of Kurit Lagting, are these hardworking people...

 - 2012: 3rd Place KASANGGAYAHAN 2012 MURAL PAINTING COMPETITION (Organized by: DOT), Sorsogon City
- 2011: 1st Place, IRIBA 2011 MURAL PAINTING COMPETITION (Organized by: UPLB Sorsoguenos), Sorsogon City

- 2005: 1st place, Kasanggayahan Festival MURAL PAINTING COMPETITION, Sorsogon City
 KURIT LAGTING ART GROUP, Sorsogon City, October 2012
Sorsogon City, October 2012
5th Kurit-Lagting Art Workshop and Seminar
Sorsogon City, October 2012
4th Kurit-Lagting Art Workshop and Seminar
Sorsogon City, October 2012
3rd Kurit-Lagting Art Workshop and Seminar
Sorsogon City, August 2012
Kurit-Lagting Art Workshop and Seminar
Jollibee, Sorsogon City, April 2012
Kurit-Lagting’s 2nd KURIT SERIES Art Workshop and Seminar
Sorsogon State College, Sorsogon City, April 2012
Kurit-Lagting’s 1ST KURIT SERIES
Art Workshop and Seminar
Sorsogon State College, Sorsogon City, February 2012
 GROUP PROFILE: (For more info visit:

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