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May 13, 2013, marks another mileage for Philippine Politics history. And to be a responsible voter, you must do a lot of research or asking from the authorized person or with technical knowledge, especially the new voters.  

For the second time we are using the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) MACHINE for our Automated Election.

Other than coming to your precinct on the ELECTION DAY you must know the procedure itself.

1.   Find your precinct and the status of your registration (Registration Verification and find ur full name – first name, middle name, and last name; and your date of birth – Month, Day, Year) by visiting your school precincts or nearest Comelec office or Comelec website

Tips in using Precinct Finder and ID-Printing Status Verifier at the Comelec website:

·         Fill in all NAME fields completely as you've indicated in your Application Form for registration.
·         Do not type just your MIDDLE INITIAL if you've wrote your complete MIDDLE NAME during registration.
·         In case encoding errors may have been committed by your local COMELEC office – e.g. If your name contains a JR, SR, II, III, IV, etc., try several variations of typing your name, as follows:
*      in the FIRST NAME field after your first name, such as JUAN JR.
*      in the LAST NAME field after your last name, such as DELA CRUZ JR.
*      with a period, such as JR.
*      without a period, such as JR
*      with a comma and period, Such as JUAN, JR. or JUAN JR.,
*      with two (or three) spaces in between, such as JUAN JR. or JUAN JR.
*      a combination of the above-mentioned variations.
*      If your name contains MA. or MARIA, try both variations in the FIRST NAME field.

·         This is for you to familiarize what is an actual and official ballot. Click Ballot Templates for the 2013 National and Local Elections at the Comelec website.
·         Aside from familiarizing the ballot form, the PCOS MACHINE and your registration status, you have to study the performance of the candidates or know their credentials.

       3. Know what to do on election day. You can also visit PIA’s Hatol ng Bayan at 

On the voting day itself:

1. Identify yourself to the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) by bringing a government-issued identification  card. After the BEI has properly identified you, sign the voting record, get an official ballot and proceed to the voting area.
2. Take care of your ballot by not writing anything on it other than your signature and the shades of the ovals. Do not erase anything on your ballot, or fold or tear your ballot.

3. Cast your votes by fully shading the oval beside the name of the candidates you are voting for. Half-shaded ovals might not be counted by the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines. Do not shade more ovals than required per position. Use only the Comelec marking pen.

4. Feed the official ballot into the PCOS machine. Wait for the confirmation message on the PCOS machine saying that your ballot has been cast.

5. After feeding the ballot to the machine, the Board will stain your hand with an indelible ink.

After you have undergone the voting process, leave quietly and avoid taking pictures and talking to other voters inside the voting area. (sourced from: Janice M Cave/Lily O Ramos/Media Ng Bayan)

Today searching for the performance of our politicians is much easier compared from the past elections. Search if their skill matches their candidacy position, you can search them now by using FACEBOOK FAN PAGE or GOOGLE.  Or you can use the traditional way of knowing your candidates by asking people who have knowledge and information and by watching TV like PTV, PBS, or private TV networks like GMA7, ABS-CBN, ABC, etc.

And if you have the time to ask the candidates, ask them questions that will give you concrete answers.  Never accept "CASH" to buy your vote. Vote candidates that you believed will be a true leader.  If you are honestly voting for a person who you believe can have a positive impact on Philippine Government then be it!  Set your conscience CLEAR and BE RESPONSIBLE VOTER!

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