Thursday, October 3, 2013

903rd Brigade Brings Home Another Laurel

CASTILLA, SORSOGON, Oct 4 (PIA) – The 903rd Infantry Brigade, 9th Infantry Division (9ID), Philippine Army at the helm of leadership of Colonel Joselito Kakilala has once again reaped the fruits of its labors when it was awarded the Commander, 9th Infantry Division, Philippine Army Streamer for being adjudged as 9ID’s Best Infantry Brigade for triad operations and Unit’s Administration for Calendar Year 2013 during the Awarding Ceremony in connection with the 9th Founding Anniversary Ceremony of 9ID, Oct 1, 2013 in Camp Elias Angeles, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur.

The unit which bested the other two (2) brigades of 9th Infantry Division has been a consistent recipient of the said award for three (3) consecutive years now.  Likewise, the 9th Infantry Battalion which was under the operational control of 903rd Brigade prior to its deployment in Zamboanga City was also named as 9ID’s Best Battalion for the period, an award which said unit has also consistently achieved for three (3) years in a row.

Meanwhile, five (5) personnel of 31st Infantry Battalion who are under the operational control of 903rd Infantry Brigade led by 1Lt Alfie Ayo were also awarded with the Distinguished Conduct Star and the Gold Cross Medals for combat accomplishments during the said ceremony.     

In his statement, Colonel Joselito Kakilala disclosed that the honor of being named as one of 9ID’s Best Units does not just come easily and overnight.  “It is a product of long, tedious and constant process of conceptualizing, employing and enhancing the most applicable and effective tactics, techniques and procedures in all its administrative and operational endeavors,” he elaborated.

He further added that as the Commander, he always ensures that he has well-equipped and well trained troops who can deliver the outstanding results in the conduct of Internal Peace and Security Operations (IPSO).

He further attributed the unit’s achievements to the genuine collaborative efforts of all 903rd troopers and the various stakeholders in continually winning the peace through IPSP Bayanihan in the Provinces of Sorsogon and Masbate, the unit’s areas of operation. 

“We are able to effectively perform our essential duties and responsibilities in Sorsogon and Masbate Provinces primarily because of the active involvement and cooperation of various stakeholders in all our peace and development efforts in the spirit of Bayanihan.  Likewise, the utmost dedication to duty and service of all our men contributed a lot to the success of our mission of winning the peace in the two provinces,” he said.

Brigadier General Yerson E Depayso, 9th Infantry Division Commander, in his message during the awarding ceremony commended the Officers and the men and women of 903rd Brigade in particular, as well as the 9ID in general for all the significant accomplishments.

He further exhorted all 9ID Spear troopers to continue doing their job.  “But even as we triumph in our accomplishments, resting in our laurels is the least we can do at the moment. Much work has yet to be done.  Our primary weapon is ‘Winning the Peace’ through IPSP Bayanihan.  We will continue to make ourselves available in the spirit of ‘Bayanihan’ to our civil counterparts in achieving their vision for peace, progress and development”, Brigadier General Depayso concluded. (BAR, PIA-5/Sorsogon/BQC, PA)

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