Saturday, January 26, 2013

2 dead, several injured in a vehicular accident in Sorsogon; PA renders assistance

CASTILLA, SORSOGON, January 26, (PIA) – An Elavil bus with plate number TXY 891 and body Number 5648 accidentally bumped the parked dump truck with plate number EBD 278 and body number CBJ-CAS-03 at 2013 along Maharlika Highway, Bgy San Isidro, Castilla, Sorsogon, 3:20 AM yesterday, Jan 25, the latter having engine problem.

The passenger Bus was driven by Reymundo Olivia y Lapso, 46 years old, married, with PDL No. E01-94015760 and a resident of Poblacion Capalonga, Camarines Norte while the Dump truck was driven by Barry Michael Buen y Fegason, 29 years old, married, and a resident of Bgy Buhatan, Sorsogon City possessor of PDL No. N02-01-456628.

Initial investigation conducted by Castilla Municipal Police Station disclosed that while said passenger bus was heading towards Rawis, Catubig, Northern Samar from Metro Manila, upon reaching the aforementioned place of incident accidentally bumped/hit the dump truck which was parked at the side of the road.

Driver of Elavil bus and a certain Clodualdo Recel, 64 years old and a resident of Bgy Bibincahan, Sorsogon City were pronounced dead on the spot, and the injury of the following passengers namely:

1. Ferdinand Jerao y Jebula, 39 yrs old, (BgyGuinlajonSor. City);
2. Karin Cerbito y Pascual, 18yrs old (BgyTinampo, Catarman Samar);
3. Gemma Acopiado y Cabcaban, 16yrs old (BgyTinampo, Catarman Samar);
4. IngraciaLacsa y Jerao, 44yrs old (GuinlajonSor City);
5. JenelynHular y Diche, 22yrs old (BgyCatanusan, Juban, Sor);
6. BernarditaTrongcoso y Arilio, 55yrs old (Catarman Samar);
7. OsiasSamante y Rizo, 32 yrs old, (Lavisares Samar);
8.  Joyce anneTafalia y Danas, 25 yrs old, (Lasnabas Samar);
9. MerlanOdeses y Leuz, 27yrs old (Lasnabas Samar);
10. Adelaida Ultra y Sabredo, 40yrs old (LasnabasSamar );
11. Eduardo Tanquesa y Lucban, 56 yrs old (Catarman Samar);
12. MarcelinoLoguere y Cumba, 34 years old (Monbon, Irosin, Sor);
13. RienaOmbrog y Kalipay, 18 yrs old (Ginablan, Matnog, Sor);
14. Rafael Ombrog y Priel, 21 yrs old (Ginablan, Matnog, Sor);
15. Manuel Durana y Nuñez, 33 yrs old (Bolos, Irosin, Sor);
16. Joselito Robles y Salamatin, 45 yrs old
17. JefreyTanqueza y Habalita, 19 yrs old (Tulay, Casiguran, Sor);
18. Feliciano Lesaba y Enano, 28 yrs old (San Agustin, Irosin);
19. Renan Lesaba y Enano, 26 yrs old (San Agustin, Irosin);
20. Cassidy Lesaba y Enano, 23 yrs old (San Agustin, Irosin);
21. MaritesDosado y Fermaran, 39 yrs old (Arlegue St., Quiapo, Manila);
22. Daisy Dosado y Fermaran, 13 yrs old(Arlegue St., Quiapo, Manila);
23. Angel Dosado y Fermaran, 4 years old(Arlegue St., Quiapo, Manila);
24. Apple Guatnoy  Inocencio, 10 months old (Carser St., Quiapo Manila);
25. Mary Jane Inocencio, 17 yrs old (Carser St., Quiapo Manila);
26. Christine Robles y Tanqueza, 13 years old, (Tulay, Casiguran, Sor);and
27. Rommel Marquita y Paller, 36 years old (Mondragon, N. Samar)

Said injured passengers were immediately brought to Sorsogon Provincial Hospital in Sorsogon City for medical treatment while the vehicles involved incurred undetermined amount of damages.

The remaining unharmed passengers remained at the site of incident and waited for another bus to transport them going to Bulan port for Masbate.

Meanwhile, troops of 903rd Infantry Brigade, while conducting Comelec checkpoint with the PNP- Cumadcad, immediately proceeded to assist in the said vehicular accident. Led by Cpl Glen Martirez, the soldiers retrieved the injured passengers who were inside the bus and removed the remains of the dead bodies.

While PNP-Cumadcad conducts investigation on the cause of the accident, the 903rd Bde conducted assistance in transporting the victims of said incident.

Colonel Joselito Kakilala, Commander, 903rd Infantry Brigade assured the public of the Army’s prompt assistance to the people in time of emergency and accident to ensure the immediate treatment of the injured and for their safety. (PCI NFMarquez, PCR-PIO, SPPO/Cpt MPPanesa, PA/BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon)

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