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PARO Bolaños, BDCD team, representatives from BARBD, and RSSD met the MAROs, ARBOs’ Officers, DA and LBP representatives during the APCP Orientation.
Sorsogon: a priority area of APCP

SORSOGON CITY – On February 21, 2013 the BDCD (Beneficiaries Development Coordinating Division) headed by CARPO Lucy S. Vitug conduct Orientation on APCP (Agrarian Production Credit Program) to the ARBOs (Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ Organizations) and MAROs. From DAR Central Office and Regional Office, the resource speakers travel to the province to explain the mechanics of this program.

“APCP is a new program of DAR designed to respond to the needs of ARBs on access to credit and other economic projects. In every endeavor we need capital. One source of capital is credit. APCP could be the answer to your need for credit,” said PARO Bolaños.

APCP is a joint DA-DAR-LBP program. “One Billion Pesos from the budget of the Department of Agriculture shall be allocated to the program whose recipients are Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries, and shall be managed by the Landbank,” explained Belinda C. Serna, OIC SUARPO – BARBD.

The project shall target ARBs whose respective organizations are not yet eligible under the existing regular lending programs of the Landbank. The roles of the three agencies are in these wise: the DA, aside from providing the fund shall also provide marketing assistance, and packages of technology to ARBOs and other conduits, and shall also assist DAR in identifying qualified borrowers; the DAR shall identify ARBOs and other conduits that are eligible to participate in the Program and provide list of certified ARBs or ARB households to be endorsed to Landbank for possible financing, conduct assessment of ARBOs in terms of institutional development requirements, and provide capacity development interventions; the Landbank shall provide credit assistance to qualified ARBs, ARB household members through ARBOs and other conduits.

Among the ARBOs that could benefit from APCP are those that are located in the municipalities of Bulan, Casiguran, Matnog, Sta. Magdalena, Irosin, Magallanes, Juban, Castilla, Pilar, Gubat, Barcelona, Bulusan, and Sorsogon City. Sorsogon was chosen as priority area for this program because it is one of the provinces having high density of ARBs. [AJ, DAR Sorsogon]

PARO Olayres turns-over the key to PARO Bolanos

DARPO Sorsogon has new Provincial Chief

SORSOGON CITY – “PARO Roseller Olayres spent a good five whole years with us, especially in Sorsogon. Now, we need him in the regional office to help us on other LTI activities because we have very high target for 2013 and the challenge for DAR Bicol is to make 2013 our banner year,” said Atty. Maria Celestina M. Tam, Regional Director during the turn over ceremony for the new PARO in Sorsogon.

By virtue of DAR Central Office Special Order No. 28, series of 2013 dated January 11, 2013, Gina D. Bolaños was designated OIC Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer II for DAR Provincial Office of Sorsogon. Prior to her assignment, she was working in DAR Regional Office as the head in Planning Division.

“I’d never expected that I’ll be in Sorsogon now as PARO. I am even shocked when RD told me about that Special Order. But I am here to obey and accept the challenge which is the greatest challenge I ever had in my whole life, so far,” said PARO Bolaños. Addressing the employees of DAR Sorsogon, she told them to bear with her in this journey, urging them to make all things for the sake of CARP beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the former PARO II of Sorsogon, Roseller R. Olayres was designated Head of Monitoring for Other LTI (Land Tenure Improvement) Activities in the regional office where he will perform periodic monitoring to assess provincial accomplishment vis-à-vis other LTI activities wherein he is required to prepare activity plan for monitoring activities for consideration and approval of the Regional Director, as well as to submit findings and observation. Before leaving Sorsogon, he thanked his employees and calls their support to the new PARO. [AJ, DAR Sorsogon]


The MAROs, OIC MAROs, Operation Head & Staff, and the PMEU during the 1st MAROs’ Conference with      Gina D. Bolaños, the new PARO of Sorsogon.
DAR Sorsogon: under the new PARO II

SORSOGON CITY – DAR Sorsogon’s performance on land acquisition and distribution (LAD) last year did not bring enough satisfaction for certain reasons. Thus, applying the “One DAR Policy” and as a manifestation of their support to the new PARO II, the MAROs agreed to share workload on LAD this year.

Recently, MAROs’ Conference was held in Sorsogon with PARO Gina D. Bolaños, the new provincial chief in DAR Sorsogon and that was the first MARO Conference she attended as OIC PARO II. Seeing the list of the target landholdings, she felt sorry for Donsol and Magallanes because these are the two municipalities having the largest target on LAD yet having the least manpower. Aside from that, Ticao Island of Masbate is now assigned to DAR Sorsogon as was said by the regional director, that Masbate is a high LAD, so it is difficult to reassign people from the mainland that’s why the task was given to Sorsogon because it is the nearest province wherein the technical personnel from Magallanes and Donsol opt to be assigned there.

On the other hand, MAROs declared their cooperation by accepting the idea of sharing workload, like for example the MARO of Irosin and Pilar will share the load of Donsol while the MARO of Casiguran and Sorsogon City will share the load of Magallanes. Furthermore, sharing the workload gave birth to the five names of partner-municipalities viz: DonPiCastI (Donsol, Pilar, Castilla, and Irosin); SorCasMag (Sorsogon City, Casiguran, and Magallanes); Solid West (Juban, Bulan, Matnog, and Sta. Magdalena); Gubat Cluster (Gubat, Barcelona, Bulusan, and Prieto Diaz); and TicaoMas (Monreal, San Fernando, Batuan, and San Jacinto).

“I feel very happy because many people are telling me that I am in good hands because I have very competent pillars in Sorsogon and they told me that they will give me their support,” said PARO Bolaños. Needless to say, she had their word of honor when few days after, CLOAs are already in her table for her signature. [AJ, DAR Sorsogon]



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