Friday, March 22, 2013

PILIPINAS NATIN: Bayanihan for Nation Building



Habang may Pilipino, may pag-asa sa PILIPINAS NATIN!

Pilipinas Natin is a campaign to build a volunteerism movement that thrives on the peoples’ continuing response to the call for change.

Sa Pilipinas Natin, ang malinaw na mukha ng bolunterismo ay BAYANIHAN!

Pilipinas Natin is a call for active involvement of the citizens, empowering a nation that imbibes, and cultivates the Filipino culture of caring, sharing and bayanihan.

Walang imposible kung WALANG IWANAN sa Pilipinas Natin!

Pilipinas Natin creates an enabling environment where every Filipino is given the chance to contribute to the work of nation building with a special emphasis on poverty alleviation.

Sa Pilipinas Natin, BOLUNTERISMO ang bagong aktibismo!

Pilipinas Natin seeks to empower the young people through on-going values formation and leadership training so that they can channel their boundless energy, youthful generosity and exceptional ingenuity to nation building initiatives.

Dahil ang bawat Pilipino… isinilang na BAYANI!

Pilipinas Natin invests on positive character formation as the only and necessary way to reclaim our innate sense of malasakit and raise a new generation of heroic Filipinos, the force that will make a difference and change the course of our nation’s history.

If you wish to join Pilipinas Natin or if you want to know more about it, here’s how:

·         Join any Pilipinas Natin Forum/ Orientation in your campus or organize one by inviting a Pilipinas Natin coordinator to visit your school, community or organization.
·         After attending a Pilipinas Natin Forum or Orientation, you can now sign up for a BALANGAYAN CAMP, a weekend leadership experience that is guaranteed to awaken the hero in you.
·         Get connected. Visit and like our official Facebook page at and be updated about Pilipinas Natin activities.

Hindi Pilipinas ko; hindi Pilipinas mo; hindi Pilipinas nila…

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