Monday, July 8, 2013

Sangguniang Panlalawigan officially confirms Robert Lee Rodrigueza as Provincial Administrator

Prov'l Administrator Robert L. Rodrigueza
SORSOGON CITY – Following the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) confirmation, and as called for by Sorsogon Governor Raul R. Lee to introduce Honorable Robert Lee Rodrigueza as the new Provincial Administrator (PA), the latter made an immediate audience with the Government Department Heads, commencing the PA’s first day at work on the 2nd day of July.

At the onset of the meeting, lawyer Renato P. Olbes was also formally introduced as the new Provincial Legal Officer (PLO).

In the course of the discussion, PA Rodrigueza struck a chord for everyone that albeit a change is to be expected with a new administration, this changeover however is likewise necessary even under re-elected government officials. “Based from my learning, it is just fitting that a transition should take place,” the PA stressed, “and we will do that among us in the Provincial Government, with your help,” he added, speaking to each division chief at the meeting.

Earlier on, the new Provincial Administrator made a brief appearance at the inaugural session of the SP to conform to his official designation. In a concise privilege speech, he thanked the presiding Honorable Vice-Governor Kruni H. Escudero and all Members of the Board, and gave his word to a harmonious and self-motivated relationship between the Executive and Legislative government organizations.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to establish as Vice-Mayor then,” he recalled. “Sadly, the former mayor was awfully distant from being transparent and was not even tuneful to the efforts of the city’s law makers,” he added. “Now that I’m part of the executive division, I know what it is, and how vital it is to have a harmonious relationship with the legislative division,” he further said. 

It can be recalled that PA Rodrigueza engaged himself in training on Good Local Governance (Prepare U-National College of Public Administration and Governance/NCPAG-University of the Philippines) last June, and he said that one thing which constantly crosses his mind about administration is “it is most ideal for a government institution, particularly for one bureaucracy, to run the bureaucracy”.
“Everyone should be part of everything that even with a handful of people, any organization can be that effective,” he said. As an overseer, he added that that he puts his trust on every department, and it must be reciprocal. “This is what I expect from each and everyone,” he accentuated.

Asked about political indifferences, he said, “I don’t care about that, because I am not the vindictive type”. “As long as you are willing to work with me, fine with me,” he said casually. “For me, everyone is equal and I would rather give the role that each one is worthy of,” he added.

PA Rodrigueza also hopes to resolve domestic problems in due time to make better the provincial management. With this, he said that he simply asks for cooperation.
“You can come to me anytime of the day,” he also said. Putting this in plain words, he said that he is patient in a lot of things, especially when it comes to immediate concerns and important programs for the province. “We are an institution so let’s also treat this in a corporate manner,” he further said.

“Elected officials come and go, but department heads stay,” and with this, he laid emphasis on the need to particularly strengthen the provincial government into a well-built organization.

Explaining further, he said that each has a stake even from the simplest work of a utility personnel, thus everyone should be willing to serve the Provincial Government. “You opted for this job therefore work for it; nonetheless, if you don’t like this job any longer, you can leave, because eager others deserve that job,” he stressed out.

With his interest to work as the new Provincial Administrator, Mr. Robert Lee Rodrigueza encouraged every department chief to share this enthusiasm. “There is always hope, there is always time and the Sorsoganons still have faith in Governor Raul R. Lee,” he said.

“In this undertaking, our Chief Executive is not alone, nor the Sangguniang Panlalawigan but, much is expected from all of us here at the front lines,” he concluded.

Last July 1st, Honorable Robert Lee Rodrigueza likewise fronted a well-attended blessing of each Provincial Government place of work which marked Day 1 of his official term as Sorsogon’s Provincial Administrator. (Von Andre E. Labalan Sorsogon P.I.O.) 

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