Monday, October 14, 2013

BFP Sorsogon City Activities

A - Fire Safety Seminar, First Aid Training and Fire Drill @ Peter Paul Philippines Corporation (PPPC)
Brgy Cabid-an, Sorsogon City

Conducting Lecture to PPPC employees....
PPPC employee putting out fire during the Fire Drill

(Below) First Aid application, management of soft tissue injury, AR/CPR application, spine board management, emergency rescue transport, splinting and bandaging.........

The Bureau of Fire Protection Sorsogon City headed by Senior Inspector Walter B. Marcial conducted Fire Safety Seminar, First Aid Training and Fire Drill to the employees of Peter Paul Philippines Corp, a coco plant operating in Sorsogon City just recently. Said activity was divided into two sessions – morning and afternoon shifts.The morning shift was participated by more or less fifty (50) employees while the afternoon shift had almost two hundred (200) participants. Among the topics discussed were the BFP legal mandates emphasizing the public’s common perception towards BFP’s function as firefighters and the role of the community as first responder; RA 9514 also known as the Fire Code of the Philippines; proper handling and maintenance of fire extinguisher; fire behavior, fire triangle fire classification, fire and earthquake drill; and basic first aid which includes soft tissue injury management, AR-CPR application, emergency rescue transport, spine board management, splinting and bandaging; There was also an orientation on the phases of earthquake drill and a fire drill where employees experienced extinguishing the fire using their available first aid fire protection appliance and the company’s standpipe.

The activity aims to encourage the employees to practice fire safety particularly in their workplace to avoid any untoward incidents. “The awareness brought to them will surely mold them to become a responsible individual and be part of the country’s progress” said City Fire Marshal SInsp Marcial. (BAR,PIA-5/Sorsogon/ BFP City)


B - Fire Safety Seminar, First Aid Training and Fire Drill @ the Sorsogon State College (SSC)
Sorsogon City

In connection with the Occupational Health and Safety Practices of Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (BTTE), the BFP Sorsogon City also conducted seminar on fire safety and first aid administration to the Institute of Future Technology Educators (IFTE) at Sorsogon State College (SSC), Sorsogon City Campus on September 3, 2013.Eighty nine (89) students actively participated in the conduct of the activity. SInsp Marcial welcomed the participants and gave the opening remarks as well as brief introduction to fire service. He pointed out the importance of the fire seminar in relation to their chosen course for them to be more vigilant not only during fire incident but also during emergency related cases. Following the lectures was the actual execution of fire and earthquake drill. Participants felt fulfilled as they expressed their gratitude to the fire lecturers for giving them the opportunity to apply the theory taught to them as they extinguished the fire from the LPG tank using the available first aid fire protection appliance. The main objective of the activity is to provide fire safety information and first aid training to the students which are deemed useful particularly on their chosen career as future educators. (BAR,PIA-5/Sorsogon/ BFP City)

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