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Kasanggayahan Festival 2012 Schedule of Activities

Kasanggayahan Festival 2012
118th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of Sorsogon

(Kasanggayahan 2012:  Sorsogon Pauswagon, Agrikultura nan Industriya Pakusogon)


DATE                                                     ACTIVITY                                                             VENUE

October 1-31                                        ARTS EXHIBIT                                                                    Provincial Museum 
October 1-31                                    KASANGGAYAHAN LESSONS                                             Province of Sorsogon
October 8-17                                        KASANGGAYAHAN TRADE FAIR (DTI)                                                                      
                                                                * Food and Beverage                                                         Kasanggayahan Village
                                                                * Showcase of Sorsogon products                                  Capitol Kiosk                                                                                        * Special Exhibit of OTOP Best Products                      Capitol Kiosk
October 8-17                                        Bisita Museo                                                                         Provincial Museum            
October 8-16                                        “K” Diskwento Caravan   (DTI)                                          Capitol Kiosk                       
October 9-16                                        Pasyaran sa Kapitolyo    (OPAg)                                       Capitol Kiosk
                                                                                *Carabao ride around Capitol Grounds
October 9-15                                        “K” Techno Demo  (PCA, TESDA, FIDA, DOLE)    Capitol Kiosk                                                                                                                       *Techno Demonstration and video showing
on various livelihood projects
October 10-12                                      B2B Market Encounter    (DTI)                   Capitol Kiosk                                                                                                                                       *Institutional Buyers, exporters & merchandisers
                                                                                from Manila and neighboring provinces
                                                                                will be invited to a market encounter.
October 11-14                                      GSP  Kasanggayahan Festival Camp  (GSP)              Magallanes, Sorsogon
October 12-14                                      Pintahan sa Kasanggayahan  (BM Eric Ravanilla)      Prov’l PNP wall
                                                                                *To feature top 20 tourist destinations of the
                                                                                province of Sorsogon thru Mural Painting

8              MONDAY                              OPENING DAY
7:00 am                                                 Celebration of Holy Mass (Prov’l Gov't)     Capitol Grounds                                                                                                                                  * Flag Raising Ceremony                                                                                                                                                                          * Opening Program                                                                                                                                                                                 * Declaration of K Fest Open
* Hoisting of Provincial/KFI/City and Municipal Flags & Banners             
                                                                                * Ceremonial PILI Nut Cracking
9:00 am                                                 Military-Civic  Parade  (Prov’l Government)                   around Sorsogon City 
10:00 am                                               Blessing and Opening of  KTrade Fair   (DTI)              Capitol Grounds                                                                                  Ribbon Cutting of Arts Exhibit                            Provincial Museum
12:00 noon                                           Provincial/City/Municipal Officials’                                   Governor’s Office                                                                                                Get-together
                                                                                * Launching of Search for “Gawad Gobernador  sa Kapaligiran” Award
12:00 noon                                           “K” Business Forum   (Sorsogon Chamber of Commerce/DTI)                                                         
7:00 pm                                                 CBTG Stage Play & Band Concert  (CBTG)                  Capitol Grounds  

9              TUESDAY
8:00 am                                 2nd Chiz Escudero Shooting Competition                                      “K” Firing Range
1:00 pm                                 “Linanggang sa Kasanggayahan”   (OPAg)                                   Capitol Grounds   
                                                                             *Meat Processing Lecture and Demo
7:00 pm                                 “HOME SWEET HOME SORSOGON”                                          Capitol Park
*A thanksgiving jam of new original songs
for Sorsogon and the Sorsoganon - by the BandaNiGogo
10           WEDNESDAY
1:00 pm                                 Heritage Lectures                    (Sor Arts Council)                        Vicenta Hall     
                                                               *Works/write-ups/plays written by
                                                                Tootsie Jamoralin will be discussed
1:00 pm                                 “Linanggang sa kasanggayahan”    (OPAg)                                 Capitol Kiosk    
                                                                  *Rootcrops food processing lecture and demo
3:00 pm                                 Talentadong Paraoma nan Parasira    (OPAg)                           Governor’s Training Hall              
                                                                   *Rawit-Dawit Contest
7:00 pm                                 “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER”                                                             Capitol Park         
                                                                 Himig Kapitolyo Chorale
11           THURSDAY
8:00 am (whole day)           Bisita Agrikultura (Agri-Tour)   (OPAg)                                           province wide                      
1:00 pm                                 “Linanggang sa Kasanggayahan”   (OPAg)                                  Capitol Kiosk                       
*Pili Food processing and demo
3:00 pm                                 Entertainment by Kaze Productions                                               Provincial Gymnasium
7:00 pm                                 Little Miss Kasanggayahan                                                              Provincial Gymnasium   
12           FRIDAY
6:00 am                                 Tree-Planting   (Liga ng mga Barangay)                                        All barangays                      
*Oct 12 was declared by the Liga as
synchronized Tree Planting Day in all
barangays in the province of Sorsogon
8:00 am (whole day)           Bisita Agrikultura (Agri-Tour)   (OPAg)                                            province wide      
1:00 pm                                 “Linanggang sa Kasanggayahan”   (OPAg)                                  Capitol Kiosk                       
* Fish processing lecture and demo
7:00 pm                                 GMAT Lite Concert                                                                             Provincial Gymnasium                                                      
13           SATURDAY
6:00 am                                 Takbuhan  Kasanggayahan (3k, 5k,10k Fun  run)                       Sorsogon City
8:00 am                                 Pilgrimage Mass                                                                                 Gibalon, Siuton,                  
*Commemoration of the First Mass held                                 Magallanes town
in Luzon Island in 1569                                                                                           
8:00 am (whole day)           Youth Eco-Summit 2012    (1st day) (SK Prov’l Federation)        Provincial Gymnasium
8:00 am                                 Global Photo Walk                                                                              Capitol to Rompeolas
8:00 am                                 Padyakan sa Kasanggayahan (Mountain Bike run)                     province wide
                                                                *108 km cross-province mountain bike challenge
9:00 am                                 “Patiribayan sa Kasanggayahan”    (DTI)                                       Capitol kiosk 
                                                                   * Skills Competition on the unique skills of
known products in the province, such as:
Bayong weaving, pagbis-ang, etc.*
7:00 pm                                 “PAG-ORGULYO KAN TATAY”                                                       Capitol Park
*A tribute to Cong. Sonny H. Escudero as the former Secretary of Agriculture
14           SUNDAY              
6:00 am                                 Daralagan sa Kabulodan – Agri-Run   (LGU-Bulusan)              Bulusan National Park       
                                                               *10K Bulusan 2nd Eco-Trail Running Cup ’12                              
8:00 am (whole day)           Youth Eco-Summit 2012    (2nd day)    (SK Prov’l Federation)                                                     
9:00 am                                 “Patiribayan sa Kasanggayahan”    (DTI)                                       Capitol Kiosk
7:00 pm                                 Entertainment by the Royal Band                                                    Provincial Gymnasium

15           MONDAY
7:00 am                                 Parada san mga Karabaw  (OPAg)                                                Sampaloc to Balogo
9:00 am                                 Agricultural Quiz Bee   (OPAg/DTI/DepEd)                                  Governor’s Training Hall
3:00 pm                                 Paralanatan san mga Karabaw   (OPAg)                                      Balogo Sports Complex                                                 *Carabao-contestants will be decorated during the  parade;
Race of  carabaos with pababa/pakapang                                                                   
7:00 pm                                 “A Night of Dance and Music”                                                           Capitol Park
                                                                *SNHS Cultural Presentation
16           TUESDAY
8:00 am (overnight)            Young Farmers’ Congress    (OPAg)                                               Provincial Gymnasium   
7:00 pm                                 “A Night of Dance and Music”   (DepEd)                                       Capitol Park      
                                                                 *DepEd Division of Sorsogon Cultural Presentation

17           WEDNESDAY                     PROVINCIAL THANKSGIVING DAY
7:00 am                                 Sunrise Ecumenical Praise and Worship                                       Capitol Park                         
8:00 am                                 Foundation Day Thanksgiving Mass                                               Capitol Park                         
2:00 pm                                 PANTOMINA SA TINAMPO (Prov’l Government)                        SNHS-Capitol Park     
                                                                 Kaogmahan sa Kasanggayahan                                                                    
6:00 pm                                 GAB-I SIN KASANGGAYAHAN                                                       Capitol Park
                                Fireworks Display
 Plaques of Recognition

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