Sunday, April 21, 2013

BFP further intensifies Fire Safety Campaign this summer

BFP distributes Fire Safety Tips Leaflets

SORSOGON CITY, April 21 (PIA) – During this summer season numerous fire incidents are recorded nationwide. This alarming rate of disastrous fire greatly affects the economic growth of our country thus increasing the rate of poverty.

To mitigate possible increase of fire incidence, the Bureau of Fire Protection Sorsogon City headed by SInsp Walter B. Marcial intensifies its fire safety campaign in the community through fire truck visibility and massive information drive especially in the barangays.

“It can be recalled that one of the biggest fire incidents recorded in the Sorsogon City was at Old Almasin, Brgy. Sirangan, Sorsogon City on April 26, 2012. Though, no big fire incident that followed, I would like to continuously remind the public of the hazards brought by fire not only on properties but particularly on the lives it take,” SInsp Marcial narrated as he ordered his men to conduct fire truck visibility in their area of responsibility specifically in fire prone areas.
Fire Truck Visibility

This month long activity focuses on fire safety campaign in the community with fire truck visibility, house to house inspection and information drive as part of the activities. Leaflets containing fire safety tips, fire prevention measures, safety precautions against electrical hazards, fire and earthquake management, techniques in using fire extinguisher, and BFP hotline numbers were also disseminated to the public. Sorsogon City Central Fire Station together with the Fire Sub-station in Bacon and Abuyog take charge of the activity.

Inspection of Polling Precincts
Furthermore, in anticipation of the upcoming election on May 13, 2013, the BFP personnel also conducted a fire safety inspection to the different schools which will be utilized as the polling precincts to ensure safety of everyone.

“Safety of the public is not just BFP’s task, we appeal for the cooperation of the community as our partner in this advocacy in order to attain fire-free community. We will also strictly implement RA 9514 otherwise known as the Fire Code of the Philippines towards a safe and progressive society,” said SInsp Marcial.

In case of fire incidents or other related emergency situation, BFP Sorsogon City can be reached at the following hotline numbers: 421-6320; 211-7996/ 09072927215 or 160. (MGECorral, BFP/BARecebido, PIA Sorsogon)

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