Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ex-cop commits more law enforcement-enhancing legislative efforts

MANILA, April 25 (PNA) -- Pangasinan province 2nd District Rep. and former police general Leopoldo Bataoil (Nationalist People's Coalition party) will further push for enactment of law enforcement-enhancing bills, if elected this year to his second House term, to help promote better security and more development nationwide.

He noted one of his target proposed bills will cover the latest re-organization bid of Philippine National Police (PNP) so this agency can meet its goal of evolving into a truly professional organization that'll more effectively maintain peace and order across the country.

"We also need additional courts so I'll re-file my bill on this matter as well," he said during State-run PTV 4's 'Paghahanda para sa Hatol ng Bayan' program for the 2013 mid-term polls.

He's optimistic such courts' establishment will help fast-track resolution of environment-related cases and boost efforts for promoting ecological balance amidst climate change threats.

PNP earlier targeted transforming itself in 20 years to be more effective in carrying out its mandate.

RA 6975 created PNP in 1990 in line with the State's policy "to promote peace and order, ensure public safety and further strengthen local government capability aimed towards the effective delivery of the basic services to the citizenry through the establishment of a highly efficient and competent police force that is national in scope and civilian in character."

RA 8551 (Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998) amended RA 6975.

In 2009, government amended both laws by enacting RA 9708 (An Act Extending for Five Years the Reglementary Period for Complying with the Minimum Educational Qualification for Appointment to PNP and Adjusting the Promotion System Thereof).

Bataoil said he and PNP already commenced discussing this agency's ideas for its re-organization.

"PNP plans instituting more change for the better and sought my help to realize this," he said.

He noted one of PNP's ideas for the re-organization is streamlining its structure so the agency can operate more efficiently.
"PNP's aiming for better management and control of areas," he said.

Final plans for PNP's re-organization will be spelled out in Bataoil's proposed bill on this matter.
"The uniformed service needs partners to institutionalize its priorities," he noted.

This year, Bataoil is running against Ma. Blanca Kim Bernardo-Lokin (Liberal Party) in Pangasinan's 2nd District.

"My program for action is aligned with the provincial government's vision to make Pangasinan the best place to work and live in," Bataoil said.

He described Pangasinan as 'generally peaceful."

Pangasinan is also the country's fourth top sports contender and Region 1's leading province in terms of health service delivery, he continued.

Bataoil acknowledged Pangasinan still has its share of peace and order problems, poverty concerns and other burdens despite this province's progress, however.

"We're already looking into those problems," he assured.

Generating education and livelihood opportunities are among his priorities for further improving conditions in Pangasinan.

Bataoil said his 2013 election campaign is funded by supporters' poll contributions for him.

"I'm making up for my meager campaign funds by directly approaching people to explain my platform," he said.

He reported campaigning without bodyguards, believing his constituents themselves will protect him from possible elements opposing his re-election bid.

Despite running against a candidate from the administration's party, Bataoil is optimistic about his poll chances this year.

"I believe there's a big chance for me to further serve my district," he said. (Catherine J Teves/Lily O Ramos/Media Ng Bayan)

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