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Special Report Re Vehicular Accident at Sitio Tublijon, Brgy. Rizal, Sorsogon City

Photo by: Sorsogon City PNP

The place of accident is meters away from a sharp curve after the descending road at Sitio Tublijon, Barangay Rizal, West District, Sorsogon City.

Prior to the said incident, ambulance being driven by Benjie De Los Reyes Guarte, 30 years old, married and residents of Poblacion Norte, Juban Sorsogon together with four (4) others identified as Sarah Jane Enano, Marilyn Jalmasco Ladimo, Jenny Villamor and Lerma Iglesia, all the way from Juban Sorsogon fetched Marissa Sabalsa Enano, 27 years old, married, discharged patient of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, Barangay Macabog, Sorsogon City purposely to accompanied the letter to her residence in Brgy. Caladgao, Juban Sorsogon.


Photo by: Sorsogon City PNP
On or about 3:55 PM of July 11, 202, a vehicular accident transpired along Maharlika Highway, Km 13, Brgy. Rizal Sorsogon City on involving Elavil Bus bearing plate number TXY476, body number 7628 and Foton Van ambulance of Juban Sorsogon RHU bearing plate number SKP 945.

Investigation conducted by this office disclosed that ambulance driver got confused of their destination instead of running southbound direction he manned his vehicle in northbound direction. Upon reaching aforesaid place of incident passenger of said ambulance who were very busy in their conversation discovered that they were running in the wrong direction cautioned the driver. At that juncture, ambulance driver executed U-turn. However, at that time the vehicle was running very fast occupied opposite lane and collided with the Elavil bus being driven by Noel Madera Pacala, 40 years old, married and resident of Dogongan, Daet, Camarines Norte which was then running from Samar towards Metro Manila. 

Photo by: Sorsogon City PNP
As a consequence thereof, ambulance incurred heavy damage while its driver Benjie Guarte and one passenger Marilyn Ladimo sustained fatal injuries causing their stantaneous death. Further, the four passengers were immediately brought at SORDOC Hospital however, one of them Sarah Jane Enano expired while being transported to the hospital.

Elavil Bus driver voluntarily submitted himself to this office after the incident, while vehicle involved were temporarily turned over to Brgy. Kagawad Jose Lacsa, OIC, Brgy. Rizal, Sorsogon City considering that ambulance was totally wrecked.

PNP who responded to the said accident conducted ocular inspection and investigation; dispatch personnel to maintain the smooth flow of traffic at the place; brought injured victim to hospital; conducted sketch and photograph of the accident scene; conducted interview from bystander who witness the incident; and coordinated with Juban MPS to inform Juban RHU regarding the incident.

Photo by: Sorsogon City PNP

Based on the foregoing statements of witnesses who were interviewed by the responding police investigator there was a possibility that the driver of the ambulance could have lost control of the vehicle when negotiating the sharp curve thus, as a consequence it resulted for said road mishap.

Prepared by: Rolando Erestain Valladolid, Senior Police Officer 1/ Investigator on case
Noted by: PSupt Edgardo L Ardales, Chief of Police 
a.   Spot Report dated July 11, 2012
b.  VI of the Chief of Police

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